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KÄRCHER   DE 4002 STEAMER  1.092-103.0

The DE 4002 is a steam cleaner for professional applications. One special feature of this unit is the continuous replenishment of the water level in the boiler via an additional water tank. This allows the operator to work for long periods without unnecessary interruptions.

The 4.6 litres of water in the boiler and supply tank produce about 6000 litres of steam, which is sufficient for up to 5 hours of uninterrupted operation. As the supply tank is not under pressure, it is possible to top up with water at any time without having to wait for the unit to cool down.

This robust unit comes with a wide range of standard accessories for versatile uses in kitchens and sanitary areas, cleaning hard and resilient floor coverings, windows, garden and home furniture. Hot steam removes soiling fast and effectively without chemical cleaners.

A comprehensive line of special accessories, including e.g. a wallpaper stripper, extends the number of possible applications.

Great importance is attached to user safety:

The housing of the DE 4002 is splash-proofed. Extra-low voltage in the handle with only 12 V. The unit switches off as soon as the user let go of the handle. An optical and acoustic indicator warns the operator when water level is low.

The 2.7 metre steam hose permits overhead operation without lifting the unit. Steam feed is controlled directly on the trigger gun.

A smooth-running double castor at the front and two large back wheels ensure stability. Nozzles, cloths and other accessories are neatly accommodated on the unit so that they are ready for use at all times.

Floor tool

Two steam tubes

Steam suction hose with handle

Filler funnel for 2-tank system

Hand tool

Upholstery tool with brush

Power nozzle

Round brush, black

2-tank system  


Dimensions (L x W x H) 480 x 305 x 265 mm

Steam pressure 3,2 bar

Frequency 50-60 Hz

Weight without access. 7,5 kg

Heating output 2250 W

Length of cord access. 7,5 m

Boiler temp (max. °C) -  

Voltage 230 V

Tank capacity 2,4-2,2 l